Dana Point’s Annual Festival of Whales – March 14th – 15th


Dana Point’s Annual Festival of  Whales celebrates migrating Gray Whales.  California’s Gray Whales begin their annual trek southward, down the coast from Alaska to the warm waters of Baja to mate and birth their calves. Marine scientists believe the whales use the steep bluffs of Dana Point as a navigational landmark, meaning the whales are just off-shore making Dana Point a prime spot for whale watching. To celebrate their migration and the peak time of the year for viewing these majestic creatures, Dana Point holds their Annual Festival of Whales.

The Festival of Whales began 42 years ago in this small beach community, in recent years it has grown to a two-weekend event filled with festivities for the entire family.  The harbor area comes alive with ocean-themed events and activities, with a primary focus on oceananic education and environmental responsibility. The main event of course, is whale watching.

While Gray whales are typically seen off the coast of Dana Point from November through April, and sometimes even as late as May. Dana Point’s Festival of Whales  is set right in the heart of whale watching season – March 14th and 15th.  The warmer spring weather and longer days tend to make this a popular time for whale watching, so if your thinking of joining the fun be sure to book prior to showing up.