The city of Newport Beach has been taking an active role to preserve the beauty of the destination by establishing programs that protect the environment, conserve energy and reduce waste. Local businesses, area hotels and restaurants are also taking action by implementing green initiatives. Good news for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint, as they’ll find that both eco-friendly resorts and activities thrive in Newport Beach, CA.


hiking - an eco-friendly activity in Newport Beach, CANewport Beach hotels have taken action to help make the city “green” and to reduce their impact on the environment by limiting the amount of energy used on a daily basis. Here are the programs a few Newport Beach hotels have employed to preserve the beauty of the destination:


Eco-friendly resorts in Newport Beach, CA add programs to reduce carbon-footprint

Hyatt Regency Newport Beach hired a “green team” to advocate sustainability efforts and educate employees on how to create an eco-friendly environment. The lights, air conditioner and heater turn off if the room is unoccupied, conserving electricity. Hyatt Regency Newport Beach also has a recycling program, repurposing anything from newspapers to plastic bottles to even guest key cards. The hotels “green team” has introduced ideas such as using left over fryer oil to create bio-diesel, composting all food waste, and encouraging buying from local growers, all of which have helped the resort become one of the most eco-friendly properties in Orange County, CA.


Island Hotel has made great strides in becoming an environmentally conscious property. The hotel has installed low flow toilets and showerheads in guest rooms as part of their on-going water conservation efforts. In addition, the property has many products that are made of recycled material and has biodegradable plastic containers. Natural lighting throughout the property has also minimized the usage of light fixtures. Amenities for guests include double sided copying, complimentary water to reduce plastic bottles, and reusable linens, thus conserving water.


The Balboa Bay Resort has made numerous efforts to conserve energy. The hotel reduced its energy usage by an estimated 986,320 kWh in one year by employing many of the same techniques as other local properties. Balboa Bay Resort received Southern California Edison’s Integrated Demand Side Management Award for energy solutions, making this resort an environmentalist’s dream!



Eco-friendly activities along the Newport Beach coast
golf - the perfect eco-friendly activity thrives in Newport Beach, CA

One of Newport Beach’s iconic attractions is Newport Harbor, which winds close to three miles from the Upper Back Bay estuary to the Pacific Ocean. As one of the largest recreational harbors in the U.S., Newport Harbor offers a variety of eco-friendly activities perfect for groups wishing to explore the beauty of the destination. In addition to the harbor, Newport Beach has coastal and bluff top trails perfect for hiking or biking. Here are our top picks of Newport Beach’s environmentally friendly activities:

  • Duffy BoatsThese comfortable electric boats are a great way to entertain up to ten passengers. They glide quietly through the water enabling passengers to have a fantastic view of the area. Seating is arranged around a table making it an ideal place to socialize with friends while enjoying a sunset cocktail cruise and an eco-conscious transfer to harborside restaurants.


  • Kayaking – A favorite place to kayak is alongside the bluffs in Newport’s Upper Back Bay. An extremely tranquil location free of motorized vessels.


  • Stand Up Paddleboard – While stand up paddleboards can be a great core workout, they can also be a relaxing way to paddle around both the harbor and the Upper Back Bay – take a break and just sit down!!


  • Outrigger Canoeing – For groups hoping for an active team adventure, outrigger canoes top the list. Perfect in the wide-open spaces of the harbor or in the quieter Upper Back Bay.


  • Sailing – A fantastic way to enjoy both a leisurely trip through the estate-lined harbor and the beauty of the coastline.


  • Hiking/Biking –There are several locations for both hiking and biking in Newport Beach. El Moro Canyon is a favorite for those wanting a bit of a challenge along with fantastic coastal views. In fact, it’s not unusual to spot migrating California Grey Whales or the majestic Blue Whale from the top of El Moro Canyon. Groups desiring something a little more leisurely may enjoy the scenic trail along Newport’s Upper Back Bay or the boardwalk along the peninsula.


  • Pedego – These peppy electric bikes allow groups to zip around Newport Beach visiting various points of interest without breaking a sweat!


With several green hotels, miles of pristine coastline, a protected marine habitat, and natural estuary, groups looking to reduce their carbon footprint can easily do so in Newport Beach, CA.