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Galerie Simard Bilodeau, located in the artist colony of Laguna Beach showcases compelling bronze sculptures and original paintings sure to captivate even the most discriminating art collector. The collection that owners Guy Simard and partner Eve Bilodeau have brought together seem to have an ability to touch one’s soul and trigger emotions deep within. The pieces have also had an even greater and perhaps even more significant reach. Through its donation of art to various fundraisers, the galerie has been able to provide the funding necessary to support orphanages and schools in China and Viet Nam.


Galerie Simard Bilodeau touches lives worldwide

The success of Simard and Bilodeau has certainly gone far beyond the walls of this amazing galerie. Experience the beauty of Galerie Simard Bilodeau and allow yourself to feel the overwhelming love of life through this incredible collection. The Galerie’s Laguna Beach location is set against the hills of Laguna Canyon, and provides a stunning space for private corporate events or social gatherings.

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Artfully saving lives – Galerie Simard Bilodeau


[Art] offers a spiritual insight to all that we are. … .in fact, art is the only means by which one soul can truly touch another (Abstract artist Curtis Verdun).

Galerie Simard Bilodeau the art of touching lives

The ability to make souls touch seems to be the driving passion behind Galerie Simard Bilodeau owners, Eve Marie Bilodeau and Guy Simard. The pair opened the galerie in 2011 with the intent of sharing collections that would indeed stir emotion, touch the heart and discover unknown sensations.

The two are blessed – truly blessed and they realize it – but those blessings are the result of a relentless pursuit of desire. Both Simard and Bilodeau are driven by a passion to touch lives through much needed support, something they are certainly able to do through their galerie. But not in the way one might expect.

The amazing sculptures and beautiful paintings undoubtedly have the ability to stir emotion and speak to one’s soul, but these pieces have had a far greater reach. Through fundraising events held in their galleries both in the art colony of Laguna Beach, CA and abroad in Shanghai China, the two have been able to support orphanages and schools in China and Viet Nam. Donations of sculptures have raised the dollars necessary to provide food, supplies, financial assistance, and water filtration systems to the impoverished areas of Asia. The money they’ve raised with various galerie pieces has also funded pediatric heart surgeries.



Artfully touching souls

For Simard and Bilodeau, the appreciation of art’s intrinsic value is heart felt. The two began as serious art collectors several years ago and that collection soon grew into Galerie Simard Bilodeau. The couple opened their first galerie in Montreal Canada, and shortly thereafter a second galerie opened in the seaside art colony of Laguna Beach.

Galerie Simard Bilodeau exhibits an impressive collection of bronze sculptures along with original oils and acrylics by present day museum artists. The pieces seem to reflect their vision fine art has, as Bilodeau says, “the power and responsibility to comment upon and improve the human condition.”

Galerie co-owner, Gartfully touching lives galerie simard bilodeauuy Simard believes that the reason people are drawn to art is because of its power to nourish one’s soul. That nourishment is evident as you walk through the galerie. It’s impossible to not be touched on some level by the original collection on display. Bronzes by master sculptors: Renzo, Reines. Tuan, Snowden, DesJardins and Boban along with Oil and Acrylic Paintings by nationally and internationally acclaimed artists line this beautifully elegant galerie.

After participating in several art fairs in Canada and the US, Simard and Bilodeau began their journey into China, a process that could easily have been abandoned due to the many regulations and processes associated with exhibiting in China.

The Galerie entered prestigious art shows in Beijing and Shanghai, and as Eve-Marie Bilodeau explains, the procedure was quite difficult; the luxury tax is high, the cost to crate, insure and ship to China was extremely expensive along with the fact that it’s just not an easy show to enter. In fact, in order to participate exhibitors must receive final approval from the Prime Minister. Difficult to say the least, however understanding the clientele in China became the fuel that propelled the pair to face the challenges inherent with exhibiting in the country. Their persistence paid off and the galerie was well received at the show. As a result of their success, they have been invited to open a permanent galerie in the prestigious Peninsula Hotel – Shanghai.

Artfully giving back

The couple has become quite involved with the Shanghai Charity Foundation – a United Way affiliate located in Shanghai, which provides funds to aid orphans, street children, widows and widowers, and the disabled.

Through their donations of sculptures to various auctions, funds have been raised to provide life saving heart surgery for underprivileged children.

Each year the galerie chooses orphanages to support with food and financial assistance. Last year Simard and Bilodeau held an event in their Laguna Beach location, which raised enough funds to create five water filtration systems for elementary schools in the countryside of Viet Nam.

Helping others is at the root of their souls. The two met while Eve Marie was hospitalized with a long illness, her father sent Simard to help life her spirits. It turns out Simard was indeed the medicine she needed, they’ve been together for 18 years and clearly share a common love for a life filled with beauty and service.


Galerie Simard Bilodeau Laguna Beach is located at:  

1945 Laguna Canyon Rd, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Open Monday through Friday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm,
 Saturday and Sunday by appointment.

Contact the Galerie at (949) 376-7611 for a private showing or to schedule a private event.