Home to picturesque beaches, magnificent homes, world-renowned resorts and restaurants, hundreds of galleries, and Orange County’s unique venue Seven-Degrees, Laguna Beach is the premiere place to be in Southern California. Whether planning a corporate event, gala, dinner party, or wedding this venue is the perfect fit for any occasion. Nestled in the towering canyons of Laguna Beach, Seven-Degrees offers the most amazing experience for each and every guest and event.

one of Orange County's unique venues is seven degrees of Laguna Beach

Beauty in the details at Orange County’s unique venue: seven-degrees

The hallmark of the venue is its elegant and modern geometric architecture that catches one’s eye immediately and perfectly juxtaposes its lush canyon and garden background and features. Seven-Degrees is in a league all its own, providing its guests with the perfect canvas which allows each event to take on its own life from lighting and decor customization to personalized menus, music, and entertainment.

The unique venue offers six expansive areas throughout the grounds to host your event. Looking to host a conference or business meeting? Seven-Degrees has the perfect place to do so called the ‘media lounge’, which is the largest hall on the property, “equipped with state-of-the-art audio, video, and lighting technology” (seven-degrees.com). Furthermore, the site offers spaces like the hillside terrace, lined with waterfalls and gardens, that is perfect for pre-event socializing and cocktail hours, or a fitting place for a wedding ceremony.

corporate event at unique venue seven degrees
The best part about hosting an event at Seven-Degrees is that your event has the freedom to flow wherever it pleases. Studio 6 (which is a room that offers a more intimate space for guests to congregate and socialize), the gardens, the promenade, and the various balconies all over the property give the guests of the event room to explore and enjoy the beauty of the venue without ever feeling cramped. Shabnam M. explains her time at the venue by expressing that, “It felt like you were at a five star resort away from the world even though you are in the heart of the city” (seven-degrees.com). This unique Orange County venue offers you the best of both worlds for any type of event and what’s so special about this establishment is what they do to give back to the local art community.

Local artists find support in seven-degrees

Laguna Beach, among many other things, is well known for its ever popular and growing art community. Many artists have struggled in the Laguna Beach area to find a gallery to showcase their art. Realizing that this issue wasn’t going away any time soon, owners Mark Orgill and Dora Wexel decided to not only make Seven-Degrees a unique event space, but to make it into a gallery as well to subsidize local artists.front gallery of Orange County unique venue seven degrees

The front of the venue is the main artist showcase on the property. Known as the ‘front gallery’, the space is home to amazing pieces from artists all over the Laguna Beach area. Seven-Degrees hosts resident, rotating artists that are free to decorate and adorn the front gallery and artist wing as they please. The artists on the Seven-Degrees campus are always around chatting with event guests and are often seen showing guests around the gallery. The gallery and artist wing is a great addition to any event adding an extra entertainment element and always keeping the venue alive with exquisite local art.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous space to host your next group meeting or event, look no further, seven-degrees is an ideal blend of all things necessary for a ‘wow’ event.  Beautiful scenery, great location, award-winning chefs, and an ever-changing local artist gallery, combine to offer one of Orange County’s unique event venues, seven degrees.